Gone were the days when grooming was associated with ladies only. Now, men are no longer behind us in terms of fashion. They love to groomed always with a touch of gentlemanship. Some do to impress, some have it inherently. Whatever their inside out story maybe, they do possess some common traits. So, ladies and gentlemen, these habits might turn to be information for boh of you. Check out this list of 8 tips to be impeccably-groomed men.

1. Salon visits are regular. Try to visit there for once in 4 weeks and stick to it. Get a suitable haircut and trim it regularly. And if you love to grow your hair, then go on. Just, keep it nourished, that’s it. You can opt for regular shampooing of your hair in the salon.

2. Hair Products are really important to choose. Try out different products and see what suit you the best. If you have thicker hair and messy styles, they can handle waxes and pomades, but if it’s thinner, then lighter products and sprays will give your barnet some staying power. In case of shampoo, our hair needs different kind of nourishment time to time, and hence, we need to change the shampoo or the hair products at some intervals.

3. Signature scents make your presence strong. Most of the guys happen to do a mistake, they choose a very strong deodorant along with too much of it on him. That’s a blunder! It should be a subtle part of your presence. You need to choose a couple of good scents and keep it your signature.Typically spicy, woody or herby scents can go with the winter months, while lighter, citrusy scents work the best in spring and summer making you fresh the entire day.

4. Wear a smile. What’s the first thing to notice in a guy? Obviously, your smile. Just imagine, you open your mouth and people do “HA HA HA”, will you like it? No! That’s a big no. Try to get friends with your toothbrush and try to give a good health to your mouth. According to a study by Sheffield University, the electric brushes are 11% efficient in removing plaque from the teeth than the regular ones.

5. Dress Adequately. Yes, before dressing up, all you need to think of where you are going. If going to a meeting, wear formals with decent shoes and don’t forget to put a light scent. If you’re going to a pub, cargoes with a T-shirt will go so well. So, dress for the place.

6. Manscaping is cool, its doesn’t harm your manliness. Most of the men consider trimming or waxing to be feminine but it’s just not. It’s for your health, so, it’s good for either of us.

Trimming is just acceptable rather it’s polite in 2017. The device you use to trim your private areas depends on you completely, but, yes, you can certainly try for electric razors.

7. Pedicure or Manicure. It’s important to keep your nails clean and tidy. Generaly, guys don’t grow them. So, just try to trim them regularly. Along with it, your feet are important as well. Try to give a good foot care, especially in the cold winters. You can take care of your feet after a bath, which we suppose, you do everyday, using a pumice stone on any dead skin.

8. Lastly, don’t forget the skin. You need to take care of your face, that’s obvious. But how? We are not suggesting you spend hours after hours in the bathroom. All you can do is keep good food habits along with the application of appropriate creams and moisturizer to keep you toned and look dashing!

Happy Grooming, dear men!